Aged Care in the Northern Suburbs of Perth

Embark on a Serene Journey in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, Uncover a world of exceptional care and comfort at Hellenic Aged Care.

Nestled in the heart of the Northern Suburbs of Perth, Hellenic Aged Care is a sanctuary where unparalleled compassion, care, and comfort greet you at every corner.

Hellenic Aged Care, esteemed as a distinguished Aged Care Facility in the region, is devoted to creating an atmosphere of supreme comfort and support for its cherished residents.

Every day at Hellenic is designed to ensure our elderly residents revel in a harmonious blend of assistance, engagement, and independence.

Our ethos of care is defined by dedication, professionalism enriched with a splash of warmth.

A marriage of cutting-edge facilities and a tender-hearted team ensures every resident feels safe, cherished, and valued.

Why Hellenic Aged Care is Your Ideal Choice?

  • Tailored Care Blueprints: Acknowledging the distinct needs of every individual, our adept team meticulously designs care regimes that resonate with each resident.
  • Wholesome Engagement: Our vibrant programmes and activities are crafted to invigorate both body and soul, promoting holistic wellness.
  • Seasoned Professionals: Our experienced staff dedicate themselves to treating every resident with utmost respect and professionalism.
  • Contemporary Comforts: Hellenic Aged Care boasts modern facilities tailored for the ease and comfort of our residents.

Services Offered at Hellenic Aged Care

  • Residential Care: Unwavering support in a homely setting, catering to all daily needs with precision and warmth.
  • Day Care Centres: A hub of engagement, our centres unveil a range of activities from fitness endeavours to leisurely pursuits.
  • Respite Care: Offering short-term stays, granting families a well-deserved break, confident in our exemplary care standards.
  • Health & Wellness: Regular health evaluations and wellness initiatives to ensure the sustained well-being of our residents.
Nurse helping old man in nursing home.
Elderly people having tea time

Hellenic Aged Care: Elevating Aged Care Standards

  • Personalised Aged Care: At Hellenic, the recognition that every individual has unique needs is the crux of our care philosophy.
  • Engagement and Activities: Our facility thrives with a myriad of activities tailored to cater to diverse interests, promising an engaging experience daily.
  • Experienced Team: Boasting a dedicated team proficient in aged care nuances, we assure a nurturing ambiance.
  • Facilities & Infrastructure: Advanced amenities, picturesque surroundings, and thoughtfully crafted infrastructure crown Hellenic as a prime choice in the Northern Suburbs of Perth.

Your Queries Resolved

What distinguishes Hellenic Aged Care from other facilities in Perth?
Our unwavering commitment to excellence, individual-centric care, modern amenities, and a devoted team sets us apart as a cherished choice for aged care in the region.

What can residents anticipate at the Day Care Centres?
From revitalising fitness sessions to leisure pursuits, our centres are abuzz with a plethora of activities crafted to suit varied tastes.

How is resident safety ensured?
Safety is paramount at Hellenic Aged Care. With 24/7 security, routine health checks, and a vigilant team, we pledge the safety and well-being of our residents.

Is family involvement encouraged?
Absolutely! We treasure family insights and foster their active involvement in the care journey, endorsing a collaborative approach to resident well-being.

Are trial periods available?
Yes, we warmly invite potential residents to revel in our services first-hand and discern the Hellenic difference.

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