Three Key Sources of Funding for Aged Care in WA

In Western Australia, the aged care sector relies on a combination of funding sources to provide comprehensive care for its elderly population. Understanding these funding mechanisms is crucial for both service providers and those seeking aged care.

Here are three primary sources of funding for aged care in this region

Government Funding

  • The cornerstone of aged care funding in Western Australia, as in the rest of Australia, is provided by the federal government through the Department of Health.
  • This includes funding under the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI), which allocates resources to residential aged care facilities based on the care needs of residents.
  • Government support also extends to home care packages, enabling older individuals to receive necessary care services in their own homes.
  • Additionally the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) offers entry level support for seniors who need assistance to continue living independently.

User Pays Contributions

  • Aged care services in Western Australia also involve a user pays system, where individuals contribute to the cost of their care based on their financial situation.
  • These contributions can include daily fees, accommodation payments, and means tested fees, all determined through a financial assessment.
  • The user pays system helps maintain the sustainability of aged care services, ensuring resources are available for those who need them most.

Philanthropic and Community Funding

  • Philanthropic entities, community groups, and charitable organisations often provide additional financial support to aged care facilities and services.
  • This can come in the form of donations, grants, bequests, and various community led fundraising efforts.
  • Volunteer contributions also significantly enhance the quality and reach of aged care services, supplementing the resources available.


The combination of government funding, user pays contributions, and philanthropic support ensures that aged care services in Western Australia are not only accessible but also of high quality and tailored to meet diverse needs.

Facilities like Hellenic Aged Care in Perth exemplify the effectiveness of this funding mix. While providing top notch care and support to its residents, Hellenic Aged Care benefits from these diverse funding sources, allowing it to maintain a high standard of service and care for the elderly, an essential aspect of Western Australia’s commitment to its aging population.


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