Hellenic Aged Care in Perth

At Hellenic Aged Care, we pride ourselves on offering a sanctuary of care and comfort for the elderly in the heart of Perth. Our ethos is grounded in a tradition of respect and a progressive approach to aged care in Perth, ensuring every resident feels at home in our capable hands.

Our Aged Care Services

We offer a suite of aged care services designed to cater to the diverse needs of our residents. 

Personalised Care Plans

Each resident at Hellenic Aged Care benefits from a personalised care plan that is meticulously crafted to meet their unique needs, preferences and lifestyle Our experienced team collaborates with residents and their families to ensure that every aspect of their care is tailored to provide comfort, support and enrichment.


Medical Support

Our facility provides residents with access to specialised medical care and therapies A team of seasoned medical professionals is available around the clock to attend to the health needs of our residents ensuring prompt and accurate medical attention.


Dementia Care


Our heart beats for providing a gentle cocoon of care and understanding for individuals journeying through dementia. Nestled within Hellenic Aged Care is a dedicated dementia care section, where our team, armed with special training, wraps their arms around the unique challenges faced by individuals with dementia and their families. Our aim is to be a safe haven filled with understanding and steadfast support.

Emotional and Psychological Support

 The ripple effect of ageing, both emotionally and psychologically, isn’t lost on us. Through counselling services and behavioural management, we strive to be the emotional bedrock for our residents. In the heart of Hellenic Aged Care is a nurturing environment where our supportive staff are the threads of understanding, value, and care, weaving a comforting blanket around our residents at every twist and turn of their journey.

Engagement and Activities

 Life at Hellenic Aged Care is a canvas of engaging activities, each day painted with new opportunities for cognitive stimulation and social camaraderie. Whether it’s the melody of music sessions, the camaraderie of community outings, or the joy of interactive games and crafts, we cherish the laughter and connections that bloom through these activities. Our vibrant schedule is a doorway to keeping our residents not just engaged, but alive with joy and a sense of belonging.


Physical Wellness

 The echo of physical wellness resonates through our tailored exercise programmes, each stride aimed at nurturing the mobility, flexibility, and overall vitality of our residents. And when it comes to meals, it’s about more than just sustenance. Our kitchen is a hub of nutritious, balanced meals, where fresh ingredients dance together to support the overall health and well-being of our cherished residents.


Safety Measures

 Creating a sanctuary of safety is etched at the top of our priorities. Every nook and cranny of Hellenic Aged Care is designed with secure living spaces, clear signage, and a veil of constant supervision ensuring a cocoon of safety and comfort. Our emergency response systems stand vigilant, ready to provide immediate assistance, casting a net of security that allows our residents and their families to rest easy.

The Importance of Professional Aged Care

Choosing professional aged care is a critical decision for the wellbeing of your loved one. With Hellenic Aged Care, residents benefit from our skilled team of healthcare professionals, a secure and nurturing environment, and the assurance that their health and happiness are our utmost priorities.

Our professional care ensures not just medical attention but also emotional and social support, integral to the wellbeing of our residents.

Nurse helping old man in nursing home


“The care my mother receives at Hellenic Aged Care has been exceptional. The staff are not just carers; they’re friends and family to her.”

Margaret T

“Finding a place that honours my father’s heritage while providing top-notch care was a blessing. Hellenic Aged Care stands out for its cultural sensitivity and expertise.”

John D

“I am constantly impressed by the level of personalised care and attention the Hellenic team provides. They truly understand the needs of the elderly.”

Louise B.

“The peace of mind I’ve experienced since my aunt joined the Hellenic community is immeasurable. Their professionalism and compassion are unparalleled.”

Gary S.

Case Study of our Aged Care in Perth

Eleni, a lively presence within our Perth community, turned to Hellenic Aged Care when the advancing years brought complexities that needed professional attention. Two years ago, Eleni and her family approached us, looking for a place that not only respected her Hellenic heritage but also had the medical proficiency to manage her health concerns effectively.


From day one, our team worked closely with Eleni to craft a care plan that was as much about her personal preferences as it was about her health requirements. We recognised the foods that brought her comfort, the Greek melodies that sparked her memories, and the daily routines that gave her a sense of normalcy.


Our approach extended beyond the usual care model; we introduced Eleni to our community engagement programmes that encompassed activities she showed interest in. The cooking club allowed her to indulge in the familiar joy of Greek recipes, while our language classes kept her connected to her roots, offering the warmth of her mother tongue.


Medical support was provided with a sensitivity to her specific needs. Regular health assessments were conducted with transparent communication to Eleni and her family, ensuring they were always part of the decision-making process. Our staff, well-versed in geriatric care, adapted to her evolving health requirements with attentiveness and agility.


As part of our commitment to comprehensive care, we also ensured Eleni had access to our wellness resources. This included tailored exercise sessions to help maintain her physical strength and flexibility, and communal dining experiences where she could socialise with peers while enjoying nutritious meals catered to her dietary needs.


The safety and well-being of our residents are what we hold dear, and for Eleni, this meant integrating specific safety features into her living space, providing her with the security and independence she values. Our team was also there to offer emotional support, recognising when she needed a bit of extra care or a listening ear.

Eleni’s journey is a reflection of how we, at Hellenic Aged Care, adapt our services to the individual stories and evolving needs of our residents, ensuring that they not only receive care but also experience the respect and dignity they deserve. Her ongoing story with us is a living illustration of the dedicated, person-centred care that is the heartbeat of our service ethos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol my loved one at Hellenic Aged Care?

Enrolling your loved one is a straightforward process. Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll guide you through every step.

What types of care plans are available?

We offer a range of care plans, from independent living to full-time nursing care, all tailored to individual needs.

How does Hellenic Aged Care integrate with the Perth community?

Community integration is vital. We organise local outings, community events, and encourage local volunteer involvement.

Are there any provisions for specific dietary requirements?

Absolutely. Our on-site chefs prepare a variety of nutritious meals, catering to all dietary needs and preferences.

Can families visit their loved ones?

We welcome families and friends to visit and participate in our community life.

What makes Hellenic Aged Care different?

Our commitment to cultural respect, coupled with our advanced care practices, sets us apart in providing aged care in Perth.

Discover the exceptional care and warm community at Hellenic Aged Care. Reach out to us for a detailed discussion or to arrange a visit, and let us show you why we are the trusted choice for aged care in Perth. Your loved ones deserve the best, and at Hellenic Aged Care, we’re dedicated to providing just that.


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