What Does an Aged Care Facility Offer in Perth?

Aged care facilities play a crucial role in supporting the elderly population, particularly in Perth, a city known for its vibrant culture and dedicated community services.

As the demand for quality aged care services rises, understanding what these facilities offer is essential for families and individuals planning for their later years.

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Understanding Aged Care Facilities in Perth

Aged care facilities in Perth are not just structures that provide care they are evolving communities that have adapted to meet the dynamic needs of an ageing population.

These facilities come in various forms, from traditional residential care homes offering a communal living experience, to more independent living arrangements.

Home care services, a growing sector in Perth, offer support within the comfort of one’s own home, catering to those who prefer a more familiar environment. Respite services also play a crucial role, providing temporary relief for caregivers, ensuring both the elderly and their carers receive the necessary support.

These facilities have grown to recognise the importance of not just addressing physical health but also fostering a sense of community and belonging among residents.

This holistic approach is a testament to Perth’s commitment to evolving aged care services making them more adaptable and responsive to individual needs.

Services Offered by Aged Care Facilities in Perth

Medical and Health Services

Aged care facilities in Perth provide a robust medical support system. This includes not only routine healthcare but also specialised medical services.

For instance many facilities have on-site access to geriatricians, specialists in elderly care, who provide tailored healthcare strategies. In addition to this, facilities often have partnerships with local hospitals and medical centres to ensure comprehensive medical coverage.

Rehabilitation services in these facilities are multifaceted, ranging from physical therapy designed to aid mobility and prevent falls, to speech and occupational therapies. These services are particularly vital for residents recovering from strokes, surgeries, or other medical conditions.

Personal Care Services

The level of personal care provided in Perth’s aged care facilities is tailored to meet individual needs. This ranges from basic assistance to more intensive care for residents with significant mobility or cognitive challenges.

Personal care also extends to nutritional support, with dieticians and nutritionists involved in meal planning to ensure that dietary needs and preferences are met.

Nurse helping senior resident in nursing home

Medication management in these facilities is handled with utmost care and precision, often employing technology to track medication schedules and ensure accuracy in dispensing.

Specialised Care Services

Specialised care in Perth’s facilities includes a range of services catering to specific conditions. For dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, care involves creating a safe, structured environment that reduces confusion and anxiety.

These facilities often have specialised wings or units designed specifically for dementia care, equipped with features like secured gardens and sensory rooms.

Palliative care services focus on providing comfort and dignity to residents in their final stages of life. This involves pain management, emotional support, and assistance with end of life planning and decision making.

Mental and Emotional Support

The focus on mental and emotional wellbeing is a cornerstone of modern aged care in Perth. Facilities offer a variety of programmes aimed at mental health, from one on one counselling to group therapy sessions.

Activities designed for emotional wellbeing range from creative arts therapies, such as music and art therapy, to pet therapy and gardening, ensuring that residents have access to a diverse range of therapeutic options.

Lifestyle and Amenities in Perth’s Aged Care Facilities

Accommodation Types and Quality

In Perth’s aged care facilities the accommodation options are diverse, ranging from luxurious single rooms with en-suite bathrooms to more economical shared rooms.

These living spaces are designed not just for comfort but also for safety, with features like emergency call systems, adjustable beds, and accessible bathrooms.

The emphasis on creating a homely environment is evident in the personalised touches allowed in each room, from family photos to favourite pieces of furniture making these spaces truly feel like home.

Many facilities also boast communal areas such as lounges, gardens and libraries, fostering a sense of community and providing spaces for relaxation and socialisation.

Dining and Nutrition

Dining experiences in Perth’s aged care facilities are crafted to be both nutritious and enjoyable. Chefs prepare a range of dishes that cater to various tastes and dietary needs, including vegetarian, gluten free, and diabetic friendly options. Dining areas are often designed to be inviting and comfortable, encouraging social interaction among residents during meals.

In addition to regular meals, facilities often provide snacks and special themed dining events adding variety and excitement to the residents dining experience.

Recreational and Social Activities

The recreational and social activities offered are tailored to cater to a wide range of interests and abilities. This might include physical activities like gentle yoga or tai chi creative workshops in arts and crafts, or intellectual stimulation through book clubs and guest lectures. Facilities often have dedicated activity coordinators who organise events, outings and social gatherings ensuring that there is always something engaging on the calendar.

Community Integration and Family Involvement

Family involvement is a key aspect of aged care in Perth. Facilities encourage regular visits and even participation in activities, helping maintain strong family bonds. Community integration is achieved through a variety of means such as outings to local attractions, participation in community events and inviting community groups and schools to interact with residents.

Funding and Support for Aged Care in Perth

Understanding the financial aspects of aged care is crucial. In Perth government subsidies, such as the Aged Care Funding Instrument play a significant role in making aged care accessible.

Many facilities also help navigate private funding options, insurance coverages and out of pocket expenses. Some facilities offer financial planning services or have partnerships with financial advisors specialising in aged care funding.

Choosing the Right Aged Care Facility in Perth

Choosing the right facility is a decision that involves multiple factors. The location of the facility, its proximity to family and familiar surroundings is often a primary consideration.

Evaluating the qualifications, experience and approach of the staff is also crucial. It’s beneficial to visit multiple facilities, assess the atmosphere, speak with staff and residents and get a first hand feel of the environment and care provided.

Senior female residents laughing together - Hellenic Aged Care


Aged care facilities in Perth offer an environment where the elderly can receive not just care but also respect, companionship and a sense of belonging.

The journey to finding the right aged care facility in Perth is about discovering a place that provides the perfect balance of support, comfort and engagement, ensuring a fulfilling and dignified quality of life for its residents.